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Suspended in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Lake Tahoe brandishes a mesmerizing blend of adventure, placidity, and beauty that’s been captivating its visitors for hundreds of years—and regardless of your Lake Tahoe trip plan, you won’t have too much trouble seeing why. From its deep azure glow to the amazing alpine backdrop that cradles it, Tahoe is something to behold. But while its sapphire waters dazzle and entice, they’re only half the story of what makes Lake Tahoe such a spectacular destination.

Offering everything from water sports and sunbathing to sport fishing—and of course, staggering views—Lake Tahoe won’t have any trouble holding your attention. And while you may have a hard time being able to take your eyes off of the lake itself, if you don't go out and explore the amazing array of trails, historic sites, and shops, you’ll be missing out on a huge part of Lake Tahoe’s culture. Even the entertainment junkie will find activities aplenty, with tons of casinos hosting everything from blackjack and slots to live shows and nightclubs. And with events like the air show, 4th of July Lights on the Lake, Renaissance Faire, as well as their Celebrity Golf Tournament, there’s no telling what kind of festivities they’ll be throwing while you’re in town.

And after you’re done stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking, skiing, golfing, sunbathing, biking, gambling, cruising, or just generally soaking up the awesomeness of Lake Tahoe, you’ll have plenty of places to grab a delicious bite (or several of them). With everything from amazing steakhouses to mom & pop American diners—and some international options as well—you’ll have no trouble finding a worthy meal to keep your Tahoe adventures coming. And when you’re about to call it a night, remember that there’s bars, pubs, comedy shows, clubs, bowling, and even Shakespearian performances to prolong your Tahoe adventures.

It’s certainly no secret that Lake Tahoe offers an abundance of activities for just about every kind of person. From poker-faced gambling folks to ruddy-as-they-come adventure junkies, Lake Tahoe holds so many different kinds of adventures, it’s hard to imagine anything close to a dull moment. But the only way to experience everything this amazing natural wonder has to offer is to get yourself here and explore it for yourself.


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